06/09/2021, 10:07
Digital door lock is a kind of smart door lock, this is quite popular lock on the market. However, not everyone knows about this type of lock. To help you better understand them, we have gathered questions, questions that customers often encounter and answer them right in this article.
•    Power Outage of digital lock? For smart locks, the primary and the only power source they work upon is batteries; therefore, the basic functions don’t get hinder when your home loses electric power. Most electronic keyless locks also come equipped with a low battery indicator light or warning sound, which will alert you well in advance when the battery is getting low.
•    Is it easy to use? Keyless locks are an excellent way to secure your home. They offer both convenience and security, but they also drawbacks that can make using them frustrating.  With many unlocking methods such as fingerprint, magnetic card, password, and even mobile app, you don't need to remember to bring your key. This does not take too much time or effort of everyone to unlock the door. 
•    Are electronic locks really safe? As a high-security technology product, the digital lock is equipped with an anti-shock mainboard, in addition to security-enhancing features such as double password, virtual password, and anti-lock body. cutting, impact sensor, ensuring the safety of the lock. 

Electronic door locks are the latest innovation in home security products, designed with convenience and safety. VICKINI’s digital lock has a variety of unlocking features: opening with fingerprint, magnetic card, password, mechanical key and with wishome app. The applied modern fingerprint biometric technology, together with the anti-shock circuitry and security enhancement features, it ensures high satisfaction for the lock user. VICKINI’s digital lock is warranted for up to 24 months.

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