19/05/2020, 16:37

   Doors under the external force of wind and humans cause wall collisions, wall cracks, sagging doors and damage door accessories. Therefore, the door stopper and door holder are born to help create safety when using the door, making the door more durable. What is the difference between a door stop and a door holder?

   In terms of structure, the body of the door stop and door holder are made of hard materials such as stainless steel, zinc alloy to have high collision resistance. However, the door stop has a block made of rubber to reduce the impact force of the door to the wall, while the door holder has a block made of magnets and springs to reduce the force.





   Role: door stopper plays a role of blocking the force of the door against the wall, does not have the function of keeping the door standing in a certain position. The door holder is designed for 2 in 1, it has the function of keeping the door in a standstill and avoiding a collision.
   Installation location: depending on the type of the door stoppers, they will be installed on the floor or on the wall. While the latch of the door holder is installed in the lower corner of the wall, behind the door or in the floor and magnetic latch is installed in the lower corner of the door.

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