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   To ensure the safety of the house, choosing a door lock is not only based on aesthetic factors, but also based on the quality, durability, anti-breaking capability of a lock set. In a lock set, the aesthetic factor lies in the handle, the durability lies in the lock body and the safety lies in the cylinder.

   The lock body is a part that determines the durability of the lock. The parts of the lock body, such as the latch bolt, deadbolt, spring system... are designed to be compatible with each other in terms of technique and material to operate smoothly and accurately. The lock body must be strong and durable to ensure the operation of the whole lock set, so it is usually made of hard materials such as brass, stainless steel, and iron. In particular, latch bolt must have high quality to limit the errors when using the lock. In many cases, the latch bolt with poor quality will easily get stuck or deformed when affected by external forces, from that the lock cannot open/close. Therefore, the latch bolt is usually made of brass or SUS304 stainless steel to have high durability and prevent rust.

   The cylinder is a part that determines the safely of a lock set. The cylinder is the first place chosen to attack when a thief breaks the lock. Like the lock body, the cylinder is made of hard materials such as copper to ensure technical standards, has an anti-wear and anti-oxidant ability. The internal parts of the cylinder are connected to each other by their own rules so that when the key was inserted and turned in the right direction, the ridges of the key will rotate the deadbolt to open the door. The key is designed with a difference in the number of ridges, pin tumblers and the depths of pin tumblers. The more the number of ridge or pin tumbler, the more secure the key is, because of the low ability of key copying. Nowadays, computerized key cut by CNC technology is the most complex mechanical key, with high accuracy and low copy rate.

When choosing a door lock, people are usually interested in the design of the lock and do not concern in the lock body and cylinder, because they think those things are installed inside the door stile, less important. But only one part of the lock body and cylinder does not work well, it will affect the operation and safety of the whole lock set.
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