07/07/2020, 10:46

   Door knobs are the most commonly used door locks today. They are easy to install and use on various door materials such as wood, iron, aluminum, plastic, etc. Therefore, door knobs are preferred to use by many people.
  The door knob includes three main parts: the knob handle, lock body and the latch unit. There are 2 types of door knob lock: single cylinder and no key. Depending on the using purpose, users will choose the type of lock accordingly.

  • For the privacy and security of the room, people often install an entry door knob which has a locking button on the inside knob to lock the door from the inside the room. By pressing locking button and close the door, the latch bolt automatically pulls into the bolt mortise in the door frame. The outside knob handle cannot be turned without key. To unlock the door, users just need to simply turn the inside knob handle. Also, users can use keys to unlock the door from the outside.
  • Privacy lockset is the right choice for bathroom doors. It has a locking button on the inside knob, but no keyhole on the outside knob. In an emergency, the lock can be opened from the outside by turning or pressing the “coin slot” on the outside knob by flat objects such as screwdrivers or hard cards.
  • For the doors in areas with many commuters or in functional areas, passage door knob is a right choice. There is no keyhole or locking button on the handles meaning there is no locking mechanism. The users could easy open or close the door by simply turning the handles.

In daily life, you can easily find door knobs in many places. The door knobs have lower price compared to other door lock types and ergonomic design. The door knob installation is pretty easy to complete and most people can do by themselves. By bringing the above information, VICKINI hopes we could help our customers choosing the right type of door knobs easily.

VICKINI door knobs are made of SUS304 stainless steel which is corrosion resistant, diversity in style and colors, and excellent in operation.
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