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   Tempered glass doors are more regularly used nowadays because of their modernity and aesthetic. The safety of tempered glass doors depends on the glass fittings. The following information will help you to choose the right fittings for the hinged glass doors – the most common type of glass door.
A hinged glass door is the most traditional option, with a floor hinge on one side of the door, enabling the other side of the door to be opened from both side 180 degrees. Depending on the area and layout, the hinged glass door is divided into the following cases:
Wall – Tempered glass – wall option:
This option of hinged glass door is usually applied on the town house door, stairs door, etc. Glass door is mounted directly on the wall. The glass fittings could include:
  •     Floor hinge (hydraulic hinges): bears the load and operation of the door, making sure that the door opens and closes softly. This is the most important accessory on the glass door.
  •     Bottom door patch: connected to the floor hinge shaft, which fixes the glass and supports opening and closing.
  •     Top patch: connected to the wall to ensure the glass door is safety when opening and closing.
  •     Top pivot: fix the glass to the upper wall corner.
  •     In case there is a glass transom above the door, overhead patch will be used to mount the glass to the wall and connect to the top patch.
  •     Lock patch: connected to the bottom of glass door to lock the door, to ensure security.
  •     Door handles: to decorate and create convenience when opening and closing the door.

Wall – Tempered glass – Tempered glass option:

The glass door in this case is installed between a wall side and a glass wall. The glass fittings include: floor hinge, bottom door patch, lock patch, door handles, top patch, overhead path and small L patch to fix and connect the glass wall with glass transom and the door.

All tempered glass option:

In this case, the door is usually installed in 2 wings in both glass walls. This option of hinged glass door is used inside buildings, offices to divide functional subdivisions, or doors in fashion shops, shopping malls.
The glass fittings include: floor hinge, bottom door patch, lock patch, door handles, top patch, overhead path and long- L patch to fix the over and side glass panels, connecting patch with pivot.
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