06/01/2021, 16:48

Floor springs are indispensable accessories of glass doors. They make the glass doors work well to ensure safety, durability and ensure operational features. Floor hinges also have other features that users are less aware of, to make the glass door stand out from the conventional door.
•    Allow a door to swing both ways: the door usually open in only one way of in or out. But the doors in shopping malls, stores or in common areas of the home, offices that require opening / closing from both ways to meet the high frequency of people entering. In that positions, floor hinges bring more convenience to the door user than door hinges. The floor hinges allow the door to swing both ways with the Maximum Opening Angle of 125 degrees and automatically close. After pushing the door to the entrance, the door will automatically close safely, helping to save air-conditioning temperature and reducing dust in. Besides, by using glass clamps with stoppers, you can adjust the door to open in only one way.

•    Stop angles:  The floor hinges also have the ability to hold the door at a 90-degree which is very convenient in cases of crowded customer or transport goods or furniture. As a result, floor hinges are popularly used for glass doors in shopping malls, stores, and offices than door hinges.

•    Floor hinges are easier to maintain and align than conventional hinges: The door after a using period will be sagged, make a noise or not smoothly in closing due to the weight of the door, shrinkage of the material… therefore, you should make alignment and maintenance to ensure the operation of the door. You can easily do this by opening the floor hinge cover for checking, adding oil and make alignments by turning the left / right, in/ out, above / below screws. The speed adjustment is also easily made by turning speed control valves for 2 sections: from 125 degrees to 20 degrees and from 20 degrees to 0 degrees.

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